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Is A Robot Going To Steal Your Job?

Over the last few years technology has become integrated into our lives more than ever before. From the phone you carry in your pocket to the computers hidden in your car, washing machine and even your coffee maker. Computers and robots are everywhere. It’s predicted that in the next 15 years up to 30% of […]

15 Free Website Speed Test Tools for WordPress Users

Today we want to share with you some free website speed test tools. Why is speed so important? Well, because Google says so for a start. Site speed is a significant factor in Google’s algorithm, so fast-loading websites can expect to rank higher in the SERPs and attract more visitors. Then there are the user experience […]

The Different Types of Web Hosting

Looking for “web hosting” can be confusing as it encompasses a wide range of services. On the low end, you can spend 5 bucks a month or so. On the high end, you can put down thousands of dollars buying equipment, and thousands per month to host it in a datacenter. Here’s we’ll look at the […]

Integrating a Domain Checking Form with WHMCS

Don’t worry, this is actually much easier than it appears! To complete the integration, your form will need to post 4 fields to the domainchecker.php in WHMCS. We’ll take this step by step, so that you can make it work with any form. First thing you’ll need to do is grab the integration code from […]