Is A Robot Going To Steal Your Job?

Over the last few years technology has become integrated into our lives more than ever before. From the phone you carry in your pocket to the computers hidden in your car, washing machine and even your coffee maker. Computers and robots are everywhere. It’s predicted that in the next 15 years up to 30% of jobs will be impacted by automation. Meaning, robots and computers are going to dramatically change the way many jobs work, in some cases replacing the need for human intervention all together. It’s easy to see why. Recently a factory in Dongguang, China, replaced 90% of its staff with robots. The result? Production rose by 250% and defects dropped by 80%. That’s kind of tough to compete with. From drones in warehouses to self driving vehicles, there’s no denying that there’s a robot revolution heading this way. I guess the real question is not will robots change the way our industry works, but instead, HOW will robots change the way our industry works? And when? I guess only time will tell…

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